Rafa Benitez insisted Real Madrid “must do better” than their performance in Sunday’s 10-2 victory over Rayo Vallecano.

The Coach was referring to the manner in which Los Blancos’ victory came about as they fell behind, until two red cards for Paco Jemez’s men turned the game on its head, with Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo helping themselves to a share of eight goals.

“There were three stages in the game: We scored, conceded the goals which required us to concentrate more and the numerical superiority imposed on us,” he said after the game.

“We lost concentration, but then did what we had to do, which was to play and score goals.

“[There was no tension in the stands] because it was a short and early period in the game and the team responded.

“Still, the fans were unhappy at certain times of the game, so we must do better.

“[On refereeing controversies], there have been moments in other games which didn’t benefit us and I didn’t talk about referees then, so I won’t now.

“The anthem of La Decima reflects which path we should take. It’s what I like and think would help us all.

“I’m fine. I went out onto the pitch in a focused manner. When the game was difficult, we responded well so I’m satisfied.

 “[On whether the game risked being similar to Villarreal], it was nothing like that. The scenario was completely different.

“[When asked for his final message], thank you and Merry Christmas.”

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