Pique: Sometimes I don’t notice whistles…

Gerard Pique has spoken about his spat with Real Madrid and the reception that dogs the Barcelona man when turning out for Spain.

The Barca defender has been a target of the crowd during Spain games after perceived comments mocking Madrid, and his laughing emoji response to Madrid’s Copa del Rey transgression also brought a reaction from some of the players at Santiago Bernabeu.

“I was watching Leo Harlem on La Sexta and laughed a lot…Seriously, I don’t think we should take things so out of context,” he told an interview with El Pais.

“The situation is one I have to live with. I don’t think about it that much. People hype it up and it has become fashionable [to whistle]. There are times I don’t even notice.

“There are arguments that aren’t real. ‘Pique doesn’t feel Spanish.’ When have I said that? It’s Barca-Madrid and has nothing to do with the national team. It’s not worth the argument.

“I didn’t have a celebration prepared if I’d scored in the Clasico, despite what they say.

“I’m a Barca fan and there were chances to score, we had an extra player and it was 0-4, these opportunities are rare. That’s why I wanted to score.

“But I also wanted to score against Roma in the next game! That’s my way of playing, when the game is going well, I like joining the attack.”

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