‘Valencia never play friendlies’

Valencia assistant Miguel Angel Angulo has stressed the importance of the team playing to win, starting against Barakaldo in the Copa del Rey.

Angulo handled media duties prior to the match, AS notes, because Coach Gary Neville has appeared six times before the Press in the two weeks since he was appointed, but the rookie trainer was still the subject of much of the discussion.

“The adaptation is going well, better than I expected. I thought the language would be a handicap. There are a lot of players who speak English and [Neville] is starting to speak. There’s a lot of understanding,” the title-winning former forward said.

“I’ve learned more English in two weeks than I did in school. The communication is pretty good. He’ll surprise you soon with his Spanish.”

Angulo added that the game against Barakaldo, which Valencia lead 3-1 from the away leg, is one in which he won’t accept a poor performance.

“Whatever the score line or the opponent, we hope to win but not in any manner. We want to see how the players adapt when they have the ball and when they don’t,” he continued.

“More than the tie, we want the team to win and to do so with the ideas that we want.

“I don’t understand how a player at this club couldn’t go to every game to win. Valencia never play friendly matches.

“The idea is always to go out to win. Maybe before there were players who weren’t as important in the XI and now they’re relevant again.”

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