Jemez ‘bets Rayo are better at Madrid…’

Paco Jemez expects Rayo Vallecano’s form to improve when they meet Real Madrid this weekend, and talked replacing Vicente Del Bosque.

Jemez appeared on Onda Cero’s Al Primer Toque and expressed his confidence in his players in colourful fashion.

“I’d bet my ‘cojones’ we play a great match at Santiago Bernabeu. When they were giving out brains, I got a small one, but when ‘cojones’ were distributed, I got the biggest,” he said, AS reports.

“We’re hopeless when we try to defend a lead, and we’ll always lose. If I have to think that Rayo won’t lose half the games they play, I’ll have to devote myself to something else.”

That something else could be the Spain team, if suggestions Jemez is a candidate for the bench once Del Bosque steps down after Euro 2016 have any foundation.

“I’m not afraid to train a big team, what’s more difficult is what happens behind closed doors,” he said.

“I’d love to be the Spain Coach. I don’t think there’s any Spanish Coach who would say no to that bench.”

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