Sergio: It’s Murphy’s Law…

Espanyol Coach Sergio Gonzalez rued the bad luck of Enzo Roco, who gifted a goal to Levante, but praised the team for their recovery.

Jefferson Lerma capitalised with the opening goal at Cornella-El Prat after Roco turned over the ball close to his own goal, Sergio acknowledging the home fans perhaps had a right to be annoyed with the team’s first half display.

“We’re working but it seems like it’s Murphy’s Law and in the end it just happens,” he said, Marca reports, referencing the adage that says if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

“Levante found a bounty very quickly in an isolated incident.

“[After half time] we faced up and the attitude was completely different. We spoke emphatically and clearly [during the interval]. It was intense and productive, which is most important. The whole team wanted to compete.

“Roco? He’s annoyed. He knows it was bad luck but he’s a professional and has no choice but to get up and keep working. Individual errors are hard to correct.”

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