Vermaelen: Enrique similar to Wenger

Barcelona defender Thomas Vermalen has claimed that Luis Enrique is a “very similar” Coach to his former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to FIFA’s official website on Monday, the Belgium international noted several resemblances between the two trainers but refused to rank one above the other as he felt they shared a mutual fondness for building from the back and technical players.

“I feel more part of the team this season. “I’m fit and I feel that I can contribute,” he said.

“I’m aware that we have many top players, so I’ll have to fight for minutes.

“Still, I’m very happy to be able to compete. I feel I’m improving day by day and if I train well , I know the opportunities will come.

“We didn’t start the season as convincing as we’d have liked, but the truth is that the game against Real Madrid itself was spectacular.

“I feel we’re playing our best football at the moment and that obviously fills us with confidence.

“[Enrique] is a very good Coach. In fact, on reflection, he seems very similar to Arsene Wenger, tactically especially.

“[Like Wenger], he doesn’t like long balls, so we try to build from the back.

“They’re also similar in the type of players they like.

“Obviously every Coach has his own little perks, but – small details aside – the truth is that there’s not much difference [between them].”

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