Benzema: Valbuena case a misunderstanding

Karim Benzema is to give his side off events in his role in the Mathieu Valbuena blackmail allegations and will call the situation a ‘big misunderstanding.’

Marca reports an extract of an interview the Real Madrid striker has given to TF1 which has been published in French publication Le Monde after he became entangled in an alleged attempt to extort money from Marseille’s Valbuena over a sex tape.

“I think this is a big misunderstanding. At first, I just wanted Mathieu to be aware of the story and to help him. This is a teammate in the France team. He’s a friend,” Benzema is quoted as saying.

“[I had it confirmed] that the video was serious and that’s what I told Mathieu. I explained everything [Karim Zenati, one of the alleged blackmailers and Benzema’s childhood friend] told me because he is my best friend and I trust him.”

A phone conversation between Zenati and Benzema surfaced in which Benzema passed on Valbuena’s response to Zenati after bringing up the sex tape, and Benzema adds that his comments in the recorded conversation prove he was trying to help Valbuena.

“It can be heard throughout the conversation that I’m joking and only talk about helping, there’s no ulterior motives in my offer to help,” he insisted.

Benzema also defended his use of a homophobic slur to describe Valbuena, explaining he lost his temper.

“Obviously, I was angry. I thought [Valbuena] went to report me to the police,” Benzema said.

“However, it’s a term I would often use with my friends, to anyone. For me and my generation, it’s not a derogatory word.”

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