Malaga: Casado acted criminally

Malaga have accused former general manager Vicente Casado of “causing serious damage to the club” and threatened to take legal action against him.

Speaking at a Press conference on Monday, Malaga lawyer Pedro Gonzalez Segura sensationally claimed Casado cashed in on “exorbitant” payments to himself and sold the playing rights of numerous stars, including Samu Castillejo and Sergi Darder, without the permission of President Sheikh Al-Thani.

“On Saturday, the board decided to terminate the employment of Vicente Casado, and the main reason is a loss of confidence, prompted by a series of actions without informing the owner, which have caused serious damage to the club,” he began.

“In recent years, there have been a series of exorbitant salary remunerations in the management team, which have been carried out through third parties of the club without approval of the board or President.

“Another is the sale of ownership rights. As you know, ownership rights of some our most important players, such as [Samu] Castillejo, Sergi Darder and [Ignacio] Camacho were sold to a company based in Panama, owned by a Venezuelan and unauthorised by the Sheikh or club.

“These contracts contained draconian conditions for the club, and their sales were worth less than their market value, made without advice or approval of the President and were economically and athletically harmful to the team.

“Once our legal team complete their review, we will undertake any instructions and criminal legal actions against any person or responsible for any damage which may have caused ​​the club any harm or slandered the President.

“Since arriving, Sheikh Al-Thani has been systematically defrauded and deceived and left completely unaware.

“Al-Thani wants to apologise because, even after being deceived and being unaware of some facts, he feels morally responsible.

“He wants to start a new stage of his ownership, learning from all his past errors, and a new project with existing employees at the club.

“He will begin working with the help of professionals in the field, both internally and externally, to improve Malaga and lay solid foundations.

“The President must be in charge of making decisions. He should be properly advised by specialists but while actively participating in the daily life of the club.”

However, the Press conference left many questions unanswered, Marca reports, with no comments on the future of sporting director Mario Husillos and remaining directors, whether any money would be invested into the club and if any transfers would be sanctioned in January.

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