Al-Thani: Full support to Gracia

Sheikh Al-Thani has broken his silence regarding Malaga’s situation and promised his ‘full support’ to Coach Javi Gracia.

Malaga are bottom of the League with fans unhappy about a perceived lack of investment from the owners, and Al-Thani spoke to La Opinion de Malaga from Doha, first addressing rumours of a change in the club hierarchy.

“I can only reiterate [director general] Vicente Casado’s call for calm. The Press will be the first to know [if there are changes made],” Sheikh Al-Thani promised.

“All I can say today is that my full support is with the Coach and the entire staff. I’m in contact with them permanently.

“I’m with Javi Gracia and I have given him my support. They all know my heart goes out to everyone who makes up the club.

“I hope the fans understand the following: I work from the heart and when they say they want the Al-Thani family to leave, they cause more problems.

“Believe me, at all times I do what is best for the future. No one wants to go through what we are going through, when your team loses. It’s killing me, me and all my family, I assure you.

“I want everyone to understand perfectly. And I ask for support our squad and our Coach. I’d even say that over support for myself. That’s not the priority.

“Everything in my head from when I first came to Malaga is still there. I’ve not forgotten anything. A new stadium would help consolidate the club and make it bigger. But honestly now I’m just thinking of how we get out of the sporting situation.

“No one can predict what will happen in a few months. Only God can know. But I assure you my prayers are centred on asking him to get the team out of the position it’s in now.”

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