Perez: Total faith in Benitez

Florentino Perez says Rafa Benitez “has all the ability and all our confidence” to remain Real Madrid Coach at a Press conference on Monday.

Speculation grew at a rate of knots that Perez had called the Press conference to announce Benitez’s dismissal after Saturday’s 4-0 thrashing by Barcelona in the Clasico, but the President made it clear that the 55-year-old would be given a fair chance to prove his status as the “right man” for the job.

“Rafa Benitez has all the ability and all our confidence,” he began.

“We have a great squad which will be able to give many joys to fans who deserve them.

“I ask the fans to support the team. We need their encouragement now more than ever.

“We had a very bad game [against Barca] as the world saw, but these things happen. It was not due to a lack of application.

“[The board of directors and I] haven’t spoken about elections, not a word.

“The Coach has full control, no-one's going to suggest anything [referring to changes].

“No Coach has ever said that I suggested something.

“Since last January, our team have suffered an obvious deterioration.

“Benitez needs a little time. He won’t fix things in a night so they can be ready in the morning.

“We must let Rafa Benitez work because there are players who have gone two months without playing.

“I believe there is a campaign to damage Madrid's image.

“The players and board of directors completely support Rafa Benitez.

“Never has Cristiano Ronaldo told me that 'with this Coach we won't win anything'. Cristiano's a good guy.

“I didn’t see the same media frenzy when Barcelona lost [referring to conceding four vs Athletic Bilbao and Celta Vigo].

“’Florentino, resign’ is always started by the same people. This violent group are no longer allowed in the Bernabeu.

“I’m bothered by all the criticism and, above all, lies. I’ve never dined with anyone to sell Cristiano.

“Rafa Benitez is the right man, I’ve said it clearly. We appointed him to lead us back to glory and must let him work.”

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