Marcelo apologises to Madrid fans

Marcelo offered apologies to the Real Madrid fans after Barcelona romped to victory in El Clasico.

The Catalans took a 4-0 win at Santiago Bernabeu and Marcelo, the first Madrid player to speak to the Press following the final whistle, defended the supporters’ right to criticise the team and President Florentino Perez.

“The situation is difficult but we’ve been through tougher. It hurts because we were at home, in a game like this, and we failed to do things well. We’ll look at what we did wrong and we’ll learn.

“First we have to apologise to the fans because that wasn’t the game we wanted. We’ll continue to fight.

“We tried to have the ball, but they were always in possession. We were trying to win it back but it’s difficult to chase after the ball. We tried to attack but it hasn’t been possible. I’m sorry for the fans.

“They have a right to protest and to shout at their team when things go wrong. We tried to do everything to win. Sometimes you can’t, but we tried and now we have to fight.

“Of course the team is very hurt. But we’ve already changed things to win and we’ll do it again to get Madrid to where we belong.”

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