‘Don’t forget Valbuena is the victim’

The lawyer of Mathieu Valbuena has asked people to remember that the Lyon midfielder “is the victim” as he reportedly refuses to defend Karim Benzema.

Valbuena offered his version of the alleged blackmail plot, which is believed to revolve around a sex tape, in a Versailles court on Friday for over two hours but left without making a statement.

“Mathieu is relaxed and peaceful, he has responded truthfully to the judge,” Didier Domat is quoted as saying by Marca.

“He had no intent to harm or hurt the French national team and French football.

“He has simply exercised his right as a citizen to fight a criminal act of which he was the victim.

“Do not forget that Valbuena is the victim.”

Benzema has already been charged and released under judicial custody for his role in the plot, while the French Press ran headlines such as ‘he won’t forgive Benzema’ and ‘he won’t protect Benzema’ on Friday morning, referring to Valbuena’s testimony.

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