Tebas ‘confident’ in Clasico security

President of La Liga Javier Tebas has moved to ease security concerns ahead of Saturday’s game between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The first Clasico of the season comes a week after the friendly between France and Germany was targeted in the Paris attacks that killed 129 people, and after the friendly between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled at short notice due to a bomb threat.

Spain’s friendly in Belgium was also called off, the day before it was due to be played, when Belgium’s terror threat level was raised due to links between the country and the Paris attackers.

“The Spanish Police are always working for the safety of all matches, along with features for matches that require more or less security,” Tebas said, Marca reports.

“Nobody can doubt the Police know what they’re doing. They know the time in which we live. As they have in the past, they will take appropriate measures.

“Unfortunately, in Spain we have a lot of experience in issues of terrorism. For many years we’ve had terrorism so we know and the Police know perfectly what measures to take for every situation.

“I’m not worried about what might happen on Saturday because I have confidence the Police know what to do.

“What happened on Friday [in Paris] wasn’t normal, so it caused a lot of commotion. All the measures being taken [in France] are logical.

“Given the slightest doubt we should call off the game. I’m sure that here on Saturday we won’t have any problems.”

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