Llorente: Madrid? I don’t know…

Fernando Llorente isn’t sure why a move from Juventus to Real Madrid didn’t happen but is very happy after landing at Sevilla.

The former Athletic Bilbao striker left Italy and returned to Spain late in the summer transfer window, but was mentioned in connection with Santiago Bernabeu before finally pitching up at San Mames.

“Madrid? I don’t know. If I’d have gone there it would have been because something was meant to be,” he told an interview with Marca.

“In the end there can be a thousand reasons why things don’t go that way.

“The important thing is that I’m at Sevilla, that both the club and the fans, and especially Unai Emery, have loved me so much, and there is no doubt this was the best option for me.

“Emery is a great Coach, he and his team have maximum dedication. All we need is to ask for more, because you can always improve. It’s the way to grow.

“In the end I’m the first one not satisfied with what I do every day and I want to give more. It’s normal for a successful Coach as he is required every day to get the team to a better level.

“Sevilla in recent times is a club that has grown a lot. It’s a challenge. I’ve never won anything in Spain and would like to achieve something with Sevilla.

“It’s a complicated League with Madrid and Barcelona, who are on another level, but we have a great team and even though we started badly, we’ll try to finish as high as possible.

“Madrid and Barcelona are two teams above the rest at all levels. You can’t compare their budgets and what they have every year with the rest.

“Atletico Madrid got between them in recent years and won the League, but even that was unexpected. Even with a great team it’s hard to be at their level.

“It’s hard to explain [why Sevilla have beaten Barca and Madrid and lost to other teams]. Every game is different and there are a lot of factors that can be an influence.

“Against teams that we should beat, we lose, and suddenly, against Barcelona and Madrid, we win. It’s beautiful. Every game is its own world and you don’t know what can happen.”

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