Tebas plays down Madrid support

LFP President Javier Tebas has admitted that he is a Real Madrid fan but insists his support for Los Blancos does not influence his job.

Tebas revealed in the past that his children were all Madrid fans and he has now confirmed that he shares their support, although he was quick to make it clear that his reign was free of any bias.

“I don’t have any empathy [for Florentino Perez and Josep Maria Bartomeu],” he told AS.

“I get on with both Florentino and Bartomeu, but I don’t factor in my relationships with people [when making decisions].

“The ‘we must get along’ theory has done a lot of damage to football. You can’t make decisions based on who you like and dislike.

“I can say that my four children are Real Madrid fans and it seems obvious that their father is too.

“But in the field of decision-making, it never affects [my judgment].

“When you come here [referring to his job], you see that everything is difficult and lose passion [for your club].

“The fact that I have a preference doesn’t influence my decisions at all.

“I value criticism, but I don’t agree [Madrid’s stance on TV rights]. Madrid believe the [revised] TV rights deal will harm them and are therefore defending themselves.

“If I say otherwise, that I’m not a Madrid fan, then I would be a hypocrite and could be branded as a liar, and I don’t like being called a liar.

“Imagine I said that I supported all the teams and then it came out that I had been a Madrid fan since childhood, went to 27 Clasicos and celebrated Madrid wins with my friends at bars … I’d rather say that I am [a Madrid fan].

“If you follow my persecutors, they think I am anti-everything, although lately I’ve been called anti-Madrid!”

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