Nuno: I would recall Negredo

Valencia Coach Nuno Santo insists Alvaro Negredo’s future at the club isn’t decided and he would return him to the team if it was in the team’s best interests.

Negredo has been on the sidelines in recent weeks, not even making the match-day squad, amid rumours over the exact reasons the Spain international has been dropped from the team.

“I’ve never stopped counting on a player that shows me he can help the team,” Nuno told an interview with AS when Negredo’s situation was broached.

“There’s nothing more to my decision. Nothing he’s said and there’s nothing personal. I wouldn’t hesitate if I decided he was no longer an option that benefits the team just as I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back if the moment of the team justified it.

“My office is always open. The players know that. This is where we talk about private things. The locker room is a place to talk about the collective, not individual cases.

“I don’t rely on decisions that are popular. It wouldn’t be right or fair for the squad. I manage a locker room, not the public.”

Nuno is not known for his lengthy interviews and was asked why he chose now to speak in detail, and also offered insight into what life is like as the under-pressure Valencia boss.

“I’ve felt the need to express my opinion on certain things. I’m not the person people say I am and whose image has been distorted,” he protested.

“I felt attacked. I’m a normal person who defends his club with all he can.

“I’ve never been told in the street to leave. And I live in the city. I go out with my family and my children. Never. When we win I’m congratulated and when we lose I’m asked if we’ll win the next one. But no one has said ‘go’ to me on the street.”

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