Cesc: Solidarity and support to Paris

Spain midfielder Cesc Fabregas placed a football at the French Embassy in Madrid and offered ‘solidarity, love and support’ to victims of the Paris attacks.

Cesc was due to meet a reporter from Marca for an interview on Saturday, the day after La Roja played England in Alicante and a few days before meeting Belgium in Brussels, and part of the conversation focused on the tragedy that unfolded on Friday.

“It was a strange situation. We finished [the game in Alicante] and, as usual, we were congratulating each other, and suddenly we stopped,” he recalled.

“We were talking, commenting on the news that was coming in. ‘Hey, this happened. How?’ I didn’t want to believe it and we didn’t know what to say.

“It’s a tragedy that these things can happen in the world. I get angry. How you avoid this is very difficult. We must send our support, our love, from the heart to all the families affected.

“It’s difficult to do more than express our support and solidarity. It’s a tragedy. We must help however we can.”

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