‘Barca and I went on different paths…’

Cesc Fabregas considers his departure from Barcelona as himself and the club ‘going on different paths’ when he signed for Chelsea in 2014.

Fabregas returned to Barca from Arsenal in 2011, having quit the Catalans for the Gunners as a teenager, but returned to win the League in 2012-13 and the Club World Cup in 2012.

“Clearly I miss Barcelona. I spent much of my life there, I even went back to play for three years, but London is a city that has treated me very well,” he told Marca in an interview to mark his 100 caps with Spain.

“Did Barca treat me well? It depends how you look at it, but I think so, yes. In the end it was no longer good, most of the fans weren’t happy.

“I noticed it and had to step aside. The club went on their path and I went on another.”

Fabregas moved to Chelsea and enjoyed a successful first season under Jose Mourinho, winning the Premier League title, but the second year hasn’t been nearly so happy.

“It was a very good year. It was excellent, with the exception of the Champions League. We didn’t lose a game in the competition and…we won the Premier League and the League Cup,” he said, noting the away goals exit to Paris Saint-Germain.

“This campaign is much harder. We’re doing things better, but we’re not having any luck. We have to start winning immediately.

“I get on well with Jose Mourinho, very well. We have to be strong and united with the Coach and the fans. We can only move forward that way. No one else will help us.”

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