‘Barca showed Getafe no respect’

Getafe President Angel Torres has accused Barcelona of showing his club “no respect” and hinted Gerard Pique deserved the boos he received on Saturday.

The Catalans have come under fire for staging a Halloween stunt during El Geta’s post-game Press conference, and the patron has now given his side of events, which include the defender climbing a three-metre fence and damage to the away dressing room.

“I was in the hall talking to the Coach and suddenly a group of people in disguises jumped the security cordon, went down the tunnel to the dressing room and showed no respect for anyone,” he told Radio Marca.

“At first, I said ‘these people are celebrating’. I thought it was already organised, that they wouldn’t enter the Press room, which is something to be respected, and although they have recognised that they were in the wrong and apologised, they must have more respect.

“They must be more careful because if they lose the Clasico and see the headlines, they’ll say the masks have been removed from their faces.

“It’s bothered me because [Barca] asked us to install a security cordon and take special measures and then they took to one of our fans’ stands and jumped a three-metre fence.

“The fence is not to be skipped but to be respected. Pique jumped it and I saw myself taking him to hospital. It was immature of him, and to think he doesn’t want to be booed…

“[Barca] messed around with sprays in the dressing room. It costs money to fix all the damage they did.

“I wrote a letter for the [Barca] President but ripped it up after they apologised. Barca [as an entity] are not to blame.

“It’s a problem which must be fixed internally. The worst thing is what they did in the press room and to the fans.

“Smaller clubs don’t normally have special measures in place, but then [Barca] make us hire more people and take these measures, only so they can do what they did.

“They won deservedly, and if they then want to celebrate then I’m not against that, but skipping security to enter the Press room and then going over to the stand is disrespectful to the Press and journalists.”

Image courtesy @3gerardpique via Twitter

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