Nuno ‘hurt’ by Valencia critics

Nuno Santo has lamented the perception of him as a Coach and a person amid Valencia’s struggles and the ensuing criticism.

AS reports a pair of interviews the trainer conducted with the local Valencian Press, Las Provincias and Levante-EMV, where Nuno complained about the image built around him and the negativity at Mestalla.

“It hurts, it hurts a lot. It’s impossible for it not to. It’s understandable, the supporters show their distaste for the style of play,” he admitted.

“The Coach is exposed but the player needs another kind of reception in Mestalla. Support should be unconditional. As a man, as a Coach, no one likes to hear it.

“I suffer, my family, my children when they go to school. It’s reflected in your personal life. I would ask for support.

“I’d try to listen to reason. The supporter wants their team to win, and doesn’t go to the game with any other intention. And then judge.

“In such a young team, the average is 23, the best support is from the fans.”

Nuno moved to deny allegations he only has his position because he is close to owner Peter Lim, insisting he got the job on merit.

“I’m at Valencia because my competence has been recognised, my quality, hard work, dedication,” he protested.

“This is a project that will grow and is on track. This year we will be stronger, and more next year. That’s my cause, day to day.

“I’m not the monster that has been created. I’m not the person people say. I think it’s unfair that people accuse me of being something I’m not.

“I’m a normal person, a club man, I identify with Valencia. I go out into the street, I live day to day in the city. I’m not distant. I communicate. Dialogue for me is essential. Anyone who knows me knows that.”

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