‘Assistant’s complaint Kafkaesque’

Jose Angel Jimenez Munoz de Morales, the member of the Referees Technical Committee alleged to have pressured an official, has responded to the claims.

An unnamed linesman reportedly claimed that another official told him he had been ordered to favour Real Madrid over Barcelona in November’s Clasico.

Spanish police are investigating the matter after a lawyer, Jacinto Vicente, took the matter to the Anticorruption office.

Jimenez Munoz de Morales was named by COPE as the committee member alleged to have pressurised the referee and AS reports he expressed his shock at the charge, describing it as ‘outrageous.’

“I have no idea where it comes from, but its Kafkaesque, to say nothing else,” he added.

“I learned [about the complaint] at 19:55 and I have very vague information. They sent a copy to the Spanish Football Federation [RFEF] and I just got home.

“I’ll see if I can read it carefully to know what is going on, but at the moment I can’t say any more. For now I won’t make any comment, but if there is more to say, obviously I will.”

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