‘Special to play against Marcelo’

Paris Saint-Germain’s Thiago Silva has looked ahead to the Champions League game against Real Madrid in which he’ll face an old friend.

Silva, having also revealed he could have joined Madrid or Barcelona, added more on Los Blancos, focusing on national team colleague Marcelo and captain Sergio Ramos, a player he expressed great admiration for.

“I respect all teams equally but more so if you’re talking about Madrid, one of the best in the world,” Silva remarked, AS reports.

“I also have a friend on that team, Marcelo. He’s very dangerous and his skills are incomparable. He’s one of the best left-backs in the world, with David Alaba at Bayern Munich.

“It’s very special to play against him because we grew up together at Fluminense. He’s Madrid’s vice-captain. Age and experience won’t ever take away his smile…

“Who do I remember from Madrid when I was a kid? Raul. When you’re a child you look at the attackers who score the goals and Raul is in Madrid’s history. I wish him all the best now he’s retiring.

“I was lucky enough to meet him in the United States at an advertising shoot. There I saw how great he is as a person. He had a spectacular career.

“I was surprised Madrid sacked Carlo Ancelotti after two seasons, having won the Champions League in one of them. It was a big surprise.

“He’s an incredible Coach. He gives everything for the players. I had a good relationship with him here in Paris because he was the one who made me captain. Anything I can say about him would fall short. I can only thank him for his professionalism.

“Is Ramos as good a player as me? It’s ugly to talk about yourself! For me Ramos is the best defender in the world. That’s my opinion. He defends well, can play and manage all facets. He’s a very complete player.”

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