Tebas: FIFA is like the mafia

LFP President Javier Tebas has compared FIFA to an organised crime syndicate and complained of how the governing body deals with criticism.

Tebas was speaking in Austria at an event organised by Franz Beckenbauer’s Camp Beckenbauer group.

“Football is in the hands of the bureaucrats and there needs to be a cultural revolution,” Tebas said, Marca reports.

“There can’t be changes from the inside. Football’s future is at stake. If we have reached this point it’s because there has been too much of a lukewarm approach.

“The term ‘football family’ is misused. It should refer to the Sicilian mafia.

“If you criticise FIFA they threaten you with expulsion. That’s corruption.

“Changing [World Cup 2022 in Qatar] to November shows FIFA isn’t familiar with football. It’s very damaging to European Leagues.

“It wasn’t really a problem of the health of the players, because the organisers ensured all stadiums and training centres would be air conditioned.

“Would I run for FIFA? I’m very happy with La Liga. There’s a lot of work to be done still. We’re in an internal revolution and we’re not done with economic controls and this is a very important point for television rights.

“I’ve got challenges in this League, one of the most important in the world

“The Bundesliga is the best League in the world, economically. It’s an objective fact. The data on debt is the best in the world.

“In Spain in the last three years we’ve made an effort towards economic control of clubs. If we hadn’t taken this decision Spanish football would have gone bankrupt. Not the big clubs, but the rest.”

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