Tebas denies ‘personal’ rights win

LPF President Javier Tebas denies the vote to include centralised television rights in the League’s statutes is a win for him personally.

La Liga’s Extraordinary General Assembly has voted to include the centralised sale of television rights in the League’s statutes, the LFP’s website confirms.

There was one vote against the proposal, believed to be by Real Madrid, four abstentions and the rest in favour of setting in stone the collective selling of rights.

Tebas is quoted as denying the vote is a victory for him over anyone else, but rather the will of the clubs being recognised.

“It’s not a personal victory. It’s what the clubs wanted and the statutes reflect that with a centralised sale,” he said, AS reports.

“It’s good and the vote was by an ample majority. Any club can appeal against a decision which is taken by the League.

“They can go to court. That’s not unusual. Going to court to defend your rights shows the maturity of the institutions and the rule of law.”

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