Tebas ‘can’t imagine La Liga without Catalonia’

Javier Tebas ‘can’t imagine La Liga without Catalonia’ and confirmed Barcelona and Espanyol couldn’t play in the Primera if Catalonia wins independence.

League President Tebas was speaking at La Liga’s General Assembly and the topic of Catalan independence was again raised, the supremo confirming a position previously made public.

“We all lose [in a League without Catalonia]. If Spain separates, if Catalonia leaves Spain everyone loses,” he said, AS reports.

“These projects are centuries old and will generate a lot of trauma.

“I’ve not imagined a League without the Catalan clubs. The majority of Spaniards have a say about Catalonia. It’s a national League because it’s for the whole of Spain.

“We haven’t discussed the issue of independence because it’s a sensitive issue and we didn’t talk about it at the Assembly.

“I haven’t thought about La Liga without Barca. I don’t think it will happen because Catalonia is part of Spain.

“A Catalan club couldn’t play in La Liga [if independence is achieved] because it would be prohibited by the Sports Act.”

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