‘Granada like headless chickens’

Granada Coach Jose Ramon Sandoval complained of his side’s lack of composure as they suffered a 3-0 home defeat to Real Sociedad.

Imanol Agirretxe scored all the goals and the result came after a series of good Granada performances, Sandoval suggesting that may have been the problem.

“The opponent was far superior in every respect. They believed in everything they did and we didn’t. The team were like headless chickens. Flattery seems to weaken them,” he complained, AS reports, having also singled out the mistake for La Real’s second goal.

“We weren’t good in the centre. They won all the contested balls and we lost all the second balls and all the challenges.

“The fans don’t deserve this. We’ve taken a beating and they’ve only given us applause. We’re very poorly balanced at home. Now we have to get up and play a good game at Valencia.”

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