Adrian: Play for England? Well…

West Ham goalkeeper Adrian doesn’t expect to get a call from the FA about representing England as he discusses life in the Premier League.

Adrian has spoken to Marca about the Hammers, who have risen to third in the early table after a series of away wins.

“Everything went perfectly [against Manchester City], as we planned it. It’s a great pleasure to get three points from a difficult place where no one had scored,” he said.

“We’re not third by chance or by luck. We’re third because we deserve to be and because we’re doing well. We won at Arsenal, Liverpool and now City. We’re a team that will always fight.

“I think when we saw the schedule we thought ‘what did we do!?’ The games are easy now they’ve been played. I don’t think any team has ever won three Premier League games in a row like that.

“We have to stay focused and improve at home because we’ve lost two games. If we’d have won them, we’d be even higher.”

Adrian has been a West Ham player since 2013, when he left Real Betis, and explained how he adapted to playing outside Spain.

“It’s complicated. I’ve been lucky as I was made very welcome by the fans and my teammates, but you have to earn it on the pitch,” he insisted.

“The truth is I’m happy because things have gone well, as almost all the time I’ve been a permanent fixture. I returned to the team on Saturday after an excessive punishment and what better way to come back than winning at City.

“Getting to the Champions League would be ideal. It would end the last season at Upton Park, before the move to the Olympic Stadium, with a good taste in the mouth. It’s too early to think about that but we can’t slacken off.”

Regarding the Spain team, Adrian said his club form would be most decisive, while the prospect of playing for his adopted homeland was also raised.

“I’ve never had contact from the RFEF, never, but I wait for the call. The national team is there and it’s a tremendous dream to wear the jersey. It doesn’t depend on me alone,” he noted.

“I try to do well with West Ham, maintain this level, which isn’t easy and the decision is for the Coach. I hope the good games we’ve had have been seen. I feel ready.

“Play for England? It was said to Manuel Almunia that he be nationalised but it’s not something I intend to do. It wouldn’t be an option for many years.”

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