‘LFP won’t register De Gea’

The Spanish Football League, the LFP, will reportedly refuse to register David De Gea to Real Madrid as the documents were received after the transfer deadline.

El Pais cites a source at the LFP who insists that Los Blancos didn’t send the paperwork before midnight and there will not be an exception made.

“The window ended last night and there are rules that apply to everyone and they must be met,” the unnamed source is quoted as saying.

Madrid have claimed Manchester United sent their paperwork shortly before the deadline and there was no chance of getting the documents to the LFP in time.

They also argue that FIFA’s TMS transfer system will confirm the documents were lodged before midnight but El Pais’ source says that is irrelevant, and appealing to FIFA would be as well.

“FIFA has no power to order the registration of a player,” the source added.

El Pais also cite the case of Guilherme Siqueira who, a few seasons ago, was set to join Madrid as Fabio Coentrao was bound for Manchester United, but that paperwork was also late and neither move went through.

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