‘Sevilla playing with head and heart’

Unai Emery believes Sevilla’s UEFA Super Cup prospects against Barcelona rest on playing a smart game as well as a passionate game.

Emery’s Sevilla side have never triumphed over Barcelona and it was put to the Coach that the game in Georgia is another chance to record that first victory.

“It’s another opportunity. An opportunity against a great rival who are the favourites, but we’ll work to overcome their arguments,” Emery said, AS reports, at his pre-match Press conference.

“We want to play a lot of games against Barcelona because it would mean we’re on the top level.

“It’s another chance. Sometimes [in past games] I’ve been happy and other times not. I don’t want to miss the chance to face them, within this year or the next 15.

“It’s good to have hope. I’m not putting a percentage on it but Barca are the favourites. We have to play our way to win. We’re hungry.

“The game is a continuity of last season and what we achieved in the Europa League. We’re happy to be here. We’ll play with our heart and with our head. We’ll be happy or not with the result, but we’ll try.”

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