Fantasy Football season is back

Have you ever fancied putting together your very own European dream team? Well, now you can with the world’s best European Fantasy Football League. David Lee Wheatley has been examining

Taking part is free of charge and it’s possible to create as many teams – and join in with as many mini-leagues – as you desire.

Each squad must include 14 players, with no more than three coming from each League. And, there’ll be a whopping £100m budget with which to construct your side.

Starting out with a ‘Standard’ game offers you the chance to piece together a team comprised of players competing across six top European Leagues.

The Dutch Eredivisie and Portuguese Primeira Liga are new additions for 2015-16, while staple favourites including French Ligue 1, English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga also feature.

Alternatively, you may opt to utilise a single League instead. For example, dedicated La Liga fans can choose their line-up exclusively from players based within the Spanish top flight, thus testing knowledge of a specific domestic competition to the limit.

Imagine pairing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together, who proved to be the top-two performers in Spanish football last term. However, at a whopping £48m for the deadly duo, you’d be left with little else to play with!

Much more affordable La Liga high-point earners to consider include Villarreal pair Sergio Asenjo (3.5m) and Mario (7.5), goalkeeper Miguel Moya (7.5) of Atletico Madrid, or Celta Vigo hit-man Nolito (2.5), all of whom ended in the top 40 point-scoring positions in 2014-15.

Points are awarded to those in the starting 11 for accomplishments such as goals scored, hat-tricks, assists and clean sheets. They will also be deducted for conceding more than one goal per match, missing a penalty, plus any yellow or red cards received.

The comprehensive transfer tool allows you to replace players seamlessly. It helps to deliver a hands-on level of involvement by allowing the removal of squad members that are felt to be underperforming.

You can complete a total of 20 transfers without any charge, which includes transfers made within all of your teams combined. If you are aged 18 years or over, you can also claim extra transfers at an additional cost.

An informative ‘Stats’ page will assist efforts to improve your team’s chances of success, with all footballers’ individual statistics listed in a detailed table.

There’s also a handy news section on the site, which will keep your finger on the pulse of goings-on across the Fantasy Football landscape, including golden hints and tips that’ll greatly enrich your enjoyment of the game.

Euro Fantasy League is an absolute must for all European football fanatics. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved now at!

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