‘Jemez knew about Zhang’

Rayo Vallecano sporting director Felipe Minambres insists Paco Jemez knew the club was looking to sign China forward Zhang Chengdong.

Jemez had previously complained about the arrival of Chengdong, alleging he had been imposed on him by a Rayo sponsor.

Minambres has said however that Jemez had known for a long time that such a signing was likely, and insisted that despite the Coach’s comments, they were working together well.

“My relationship with Jemez is good. There are aspects I don’t like, but that’s his way of doing things,” Sport quotes Minambres as saying.

“Something I don’t like is when a lie is told and he knows as I do, because I talked to him, that for two years a Chinese player was coming. That is the reality.

“Jemez has a way of approaching problems and I have another way. I don’t like to make things public. There’s a situation with a lie and I don’t know if it was him or a reporter.

“What is for certain is that he’s known for two years a Chinese player was coming. I talked to him.

“I’m a little upset, not because he’s said something, but because what was said isn’t true. We have to set the record straight and drop the subject. He’s a player I chose, like 97% or 98% of the players who come here.

“I chose a player that I saw play three seasons in Portugal and I told the sponsor I want that player. From there, they do their best to get him to come and if it hadn’t been this player, there would have been another year without a Chinese player coming.

“Zhang is in the squad now and from there it’s Paco’s decision. Nobody influences the Coach’s work. He chooses who plays.”

Picture via @grmanzano

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