‘Perez is a zero as President’

Former Barcelona President Joan Gaspart has described Real Madrid President Florentino Perez as a ‘zero’ in the position.

Gaspart praised Perez in other aspects, particularly as a person and as a businessman, but heavily criticised the Madrid chief for his work at Los Blancos.

“I have a good relationship with him and great respect for him in the business world,” Marca reports Gaspart telling Cope.

“There are three different facets to Florentino Perez: Human, business and sporting. As a human being he is one of a kind, a great person who I like very much.

“As a businessman, one of a kind, exemplary.

“And as President of Real Madrid, a zero. A zero means he is that bad. I don’t like it. To be clear. What he did with Luis Figo did me much harm personally and much harm to my team.

“He did a lot of damage in the way he did that. He’s not my cup of tea as Madrid President, but that changes as a person and a businessman.”

Gaspart also compared the way Iker Casillas left Santiago Bernabeu to the send-off Xavi Hernandez received as he departed Camp Nou, but placed the blame there at the feet of the supporters.

“You have to respect the ways of others. Xavi went through the front door because Barca won three trophies, and because he was the captain and he deserved a lot,” Gaspart continued.

“Iker, unfortunately, left in a more discreet way. I would have liked it if he could have said goodbye to the fans but, let’s face it, the Madrid fans didn’t behave very well towards Iker at the end.

“I wouldn’t have minded paying Iker’s clause [when he was Barca President]. He would have been a great goalkeeper for the club.

“Iker would have loved playing for Barca but as a Madrid player, it would have been very difficult to play for another club in Spain. That’s why he’s gone to Porto. It’s close to home, but abroad.”

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