Filipe: Atleti is my home

Filipe Luis has expressed his happiness at returning to Atletico Madrid after a year with Chelsea. ‘I want my kids to see me play here.’

The left-back’s return was confirmed on Tuesday and a day later, after training with his new teammates, Filipe spoke to the Press.

“I’m very happy to be here again after a year. It was a nice experience at Chelsea and I won the Premier League,” he said, AS reports.

“It emerged there was a chance to return. This has been my home and where I spent my best years. I want my kids to see me play for Atletico.

“The fans’ reception has been spectacular. I never lost touch with them. I watched Atleti’s matches. Whenever I’ve played in Atelti’s shirt I gave all I have.

“I think the fans will be won over on the pitch, not with words. You should always play at your best. I hope to play at my best.

“Diego Simeone and Jose Mourinho are very different in almost everything, but they share a crazy desire to win. They’re different in everything else.

“I left for a new experience but Atleti never left me. I’ve been talking with Juanfran and it’s like I never left, like I’d been on vacation for a few months.

“Some friends have gone but there are new players here, with quality and ambition. But my first day is like when I left.

“I told my agent I didn’t want another option. If Atletico wanted me I wanted to come back, but I would have stayed at Chelsea. When the season ended, talks began, and I wanted to return.

“I wanted to find out about the Premier League. It’s very different, better organised. The stadiums are fuller and more attractive and there are fewer stoppages in the matches.

“In Spain there is less physicality but more quality. I noticed it was more physical. I feel more comfortable here.

“I don’t regret going to Chelsea. Just the opposite. I learned many things and even though I didn’t have that many minutes, it was still important.

“I won La Liga and the Premier League in consecutive years. I think I’m a better player now. It was a very valuable experience and I’m proud of last season.”

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