Benitez refuses to rise to Mourinho

Real Madrid Coach Rafa Benitez has refused to be drawn into a row with Jose Mourinho by saying he ‘only talks about what he understands – football.’

Mourinho had responded to light-hearted comments by Benitez’s that the new Madrid trainer always has to ‘clean up [Mourinho’s] mess’ by telling Monserrat Seara to ‘focus on her husband’s diet.

“I’m the Coach of Madrid, I like football, I understand football and I’ll only talk about football,” Benitez replied when the topic was raised by reports, according to AS.

“We’re here to prepare for the match against Milan on a tour which, so far, has gone well. I like talking about the present day with Madrid and the future with Madrid.

“Every year Madrid has the same goal, to play well and win. There’s no added pressure, just the pressure of being Madrid.

“Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, James Rodriguez are fundamental to that…Everyone has an important role and I hope they can be important.”

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