Barca: Copa fine ‘unjust’

Barcelona have issued a statement railing against the €66,000 fine given to the club for misconduct during the Copa del Rey final.

Both the Catalans and their opponents Athletic Bilbao, and the RFEF, have been sanctioned by the Anti-Violence Committee after the national anthem was whistled prior to the May fixture.

Barca’s fine breaks down as €6,000 for ‘inaction against a political protest’ and €60,000 for a breach of security obligations.

The club has released a statement arguing the supporters who jeered the national anthem have a right to express themselves and their behaviour wasn’t condoned by the club itself.

“Barcelona consider unjust and unacceptable the proposed penalty of €6,000 issued by the Anti-Violence Committee for alleged inaction against a political protest on the occasion of the Copa del Rey final, played at Camp Nou,” the statement began.

“Barcelona openly and bluntly reject the decision of the Anti-Violence Committee and announce the club will launch appropriate legal procedures against this penalty.

“Barcelona will defend the freedom of expression of its members and fans and the events at Camp Nou were the reflection of a feeling, not organised or encouraged by the club, but that the club fully respected, as was presented in the arguments [against the fine].

“As for the proposed €60,000 penalty for alleged breaching of security obligations, the club will also present relevant arguments against it.”