‘Perez must leave Madrid’

Iker Casillas’ agent has insisted that Florentino Perez must leave Real Madrid as a result of the goalkeeper’s controversial departure.

Santos Marquez, who had already told AS that Cristiano Ronaldo was looking to leave Los Blancos, the President did not like black players and enslaved the club, ended his four-part interview with the newspaper by revealing his version of events leading up to the 34-year-old’s recent move to Porto.

“At no time did [Iker] want to leave. He’s always said that he didn’t want to leave,” he concluded.

“He wanted to see out the remaining years of his contract and finish his career in Madrid.

“He was happy and felt at home, but the club didn’t want him. Three weeks ago, when Benitez arrived, the club went all out for [David] de Gea and said Keylor [Navas] was a great goalkeeper.

“It was a lack of respect for Iker. You can’t ignore it. There’s a before and after [those events], but [Iker’s departure] was no fault of Benitez’s.

“The farewell came from [Iker’s] heart. There was nothing prepared. One party must notify the other party, and Iker didn’t know anything.

“The President had a key opportunity to say, “we were wrong [not to plan Iker’s lone Press conference]” and ask for a public apology.

“But nothing happened and [Madrid] got what they wanted.

“He’s never wrong, even though he was wrong. At Casillas’ Press conference, no-one was there, apart from Manuel Redondo and the club secretary, no-one else, not even the Press officer.

“[Perez’s board] had achieved what they wanted, of course.

“He was an idol of the fans. Iker had been at the club for a quarter of Madrid’s history, was the captain and will be a starter at Euro 2016. What sin has been committed?

“Florentino was able to turn the ultras against him – and I’d like to know who was paid – and then the boos arose.

“[The fan revolt] was all planned from within. He was booed by a few fans, but it was only a blip.

“However, this anger crushed him. Perez has never said “I will defend Casillas”. That’s a lie.

“He’s been killing bears since 2010. I don’t know how Casillas has endured so much, he’s a martyr.

“Florentino will have to leave from Madrid because of the Casillas saga, I just don’t know when.”

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