Alves: I don’t admire Ronaldo

Barcelona’s Dani Alves has accused Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo of not influencing matches in the same way Lionel Messi does.

In an interview with ESPN, the Brazilian full-back expressed his belief that Los Blancos’ number seven is too individualistic, playing for himself and not the team on too many occasions.

"Messi is much better than Cristiano Ronaldo,” Alves began. “Messi influences the game, Cristiano doesn't. He doesn't influence the game beyond scoring goals and being involved in a few actions.

“Messi is influential – he plays, scores and makes assists. Messi has a divine gift, Cristiano is about work.

"I don't admire the things he does because I play as part of a team. And my team is more important than I am. I don’t think he sees what really matters, which is the group.”

Alves also answered a question on an alleged fall-out between Messi and Barca Coach Luis Enrique early last season.

"Of course there was an incident but it was about being competitive. Luis Enrique saw an action in a training session in one way and Messi in another.

“Messi is very competitive and his team lost, so the argument blew up. Even the best families have squabbles.”

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