Cruyff: Barca have lost values

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has backed Joan Laporta in his presidential campaign, adding that the club have lost their values.

Laporta today outlined his intentions to be re-elected as Camp Nou chief, arguing that the current hierarchy had failed to build bridges with UEFA or FIFA and are suffering as a result.

“I am with Laporta, mostly because of the values,” Cruyff explained to the assembled media. “Barca has lost them and before anything else there should be principles, values. Money is secondary.

“Values like La Masia have been lost. Before it was a magical word, now that has disappeared.

“In addition, Barca has by a long way won the world prize for being caught up in judiciary issues and that cannot be. We must take this seriously.

“The drive by Barcelona to help the world with UNICEF was the most powerful drive in the world. With this initiative the club won acclaim in a social context. But now it isn’t there.”

Cruyff also alluded to Brazilian star Neymar as an example of the Catalan giants’ frequent appearance in the headlines for non-sporting reasons.

“Neymar is always in the eye of the hurricane for non-sporting reasons. Seven trials, La Masia doesn’t exist, UNICEF doesn’t exist.

“I’m not saying what they have to do, I’m saying that in 2010 there were certain values that are not there now.”

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