Del Bosque questions open letter

Vicente Del Bosque has questioned the methods of the Spain Women’s squad, who called for Coach Ignacio Quereda to be sacked in an open letter.

The squad penned the missive in the aftermath of an early exit from the Women’s World Cup and Del Bosque was asked for his thoughts on the matter at a sponsor’s event.

“I don’t know the issue well, only what I’ve read in the Press. For me it was a surprise that an important event like the World Cup has marked by this negativity,” he said, AS reports.

“We failed to capitalise on our success. There has been an enormous change in the last 15 or 20 years and I think they haven’t used the proper channels.

“I’m in favour of listening to the players because part of success comes from their inspiration. I just think they used the wrong channels because I believe the relationship should be friendly and it’s dangerous when other matters are mixed.”

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