Alves ‘wasn’t comfortable at Barca’

Dani Alves has recalled his emotions as his Barcelona contract came to an end prior to signing a two-year extension.

The right-back re-signed with the treble winners on Tuesday but admitted the situation was a difficult one for much of the season.

“I wasn’t feeling comfortable. I felt I wasn’t being respected because I have worked carefully. It felt like that when things went wrong, the finger was pointed at me, that I wasn’t valued anymore,” AS reports Alves saying at a Press conference.

“The club and the fans made me hesitate, didn’t put me at ease. I came in through the front door and I couldn’t leave through the back door.

“I stayed professional and it turned around. Even before the celebrations, what happened at Camp Nou, I was emotionally conquered. I felt I was wrong, that people want me here, value me and these things prompted me to make this decision.

“If I believed I didn’t contribute then I’d grab my suitcase and go. But I don’t think it is like that.

“It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing [in a supposed battle with Barca]. There had to be a mutual benefit. It wasn’t a fight between Dani and the club. It wasn’t just a matter of a financial understanding because if it was, I wouldn’t be here.

“The challenge isn’t changing clubs, it’s not about seeking another adventure but with the same dream, the same challenge, you reinvent yourself. I want to continue making history with this club and there are still pages in this book.

“I don’t have a bad relationship with [Josep Maria Bartomeu]. We have a good relationship, but we both try to defend our position. It was a negotiation and in the end we reached middle ground.

“The team had the strength to reinvent itself. Doing it again will be our greatest challenge. We want to do it again next year but it will be very difficult.

“Luis Enrique supported me when others doubted. He asked me to stay and that stuck with me. I enjoy it here so why not keep doing it. I see myself reflected in Enrique, especially when he played.

“I didn’t speak with other Presidential candidates but my agents did, as they all wanted me to stay. I tried to stay out of all that. I didn’t want distractions so I spent almost six months not saying anything. I was angry with some of the fans, another part of the club and some information that I heard and that bothered me.

“I don’t want the goodbye Xavi Hernandez got. He’s too great. I’ll do everything I can to get the third year of the contract. Next year will be better on a personal level. It’s possible I retire at Barca. If I leave I won’t play against them.”

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