Enrique: Barca excited by treble

Luis Enrique believes the chance to win Barcelona’s second-ever treble is a greater motivation than the Champions League itself.

Barca meet Juventus in Berlin on Saturday and the winner of the match will complete a clean sweep, the Italians also winning Serie A and the Coppa Italia.

“We’re more excited for the treble than the Champions League,” Enrique said at a Press conference, AS reports.

“We’re thrilled to be able to get the second treble in Barca’s history. It’s a very attractive objective. It means a lot.

“Juventus are a side we know a lot about. They’ve had an outstanding season. They’re where they are on merit.

“We’ll keep doing what we did before, repeat the habits that have gotten us here. We’ll try to enjoy the game and train with that joy.

“I remember playing against Gigi Buffon. There was one chance I put out for a corner and we were knocked out in extra time. He’s still a great goalkeeper.

“If we don’t win? My future doesn’t depend on the final. I don’t live in a world of extremes. I’m the same as I was at the start of the season. I care about my work and I enjoy it. The rest passes me by.

“I don’t know if it’s my biggest game as a Coach. I haven’t stopped to think about it. We’ve had a very good Champions League against the best teams in Europe. Some beat us and some we needed to be at our best to win.

“Nothing changes with this game except it’s a game that’s more emotionally charged because it’s a final.

“We will try to keep the ball as long as possible. At some point we can try and use the space, but we want to have the ball and to press, to be well structured and well positioned. It’s important to have different options.

“I expect our fans to support us as they have the whole year. I hope it’ll be 50-50 but if there’s fewer of them nothing will happen, because they sing a lot. They never give up.”

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