Spanish police detain Benzema

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has been detained by police for a third time in the Spanish capital for driving without permission.

According to Sport, the Frenchman was spotted driving a white Rolls Royce along the T-4 highway from Madrid airport last Tuesday morning when he was stopped by police.

Apparently, Benzema has not possessed a valid driving licence since 2013 when he was fined €18,000 after being caught by a fixed radar camera travelling at 194.4 km per hour in a 100 km per hour zone.

Shortly afterwards, he was again caught driving without a licence and did not have the necessary documents for his car to be legally driven in Spain.

Sport reports that Benzema apologised at the time, saying he had left the documents at home, but when checking their database the police found his licence had not been renewed.

The player has been told he will be summoned to a speedy trial at the Plaza Castilla courts in Madrid.

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