‘AFE don’t understand strike suspension’

Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE), has questioned the National Court’s decision to suspend the proposed La Liga strike.

A high court judge ruled on Thursday the planned stoppage that would have halted Spanish football could not go ahead and as a result permitted all scheduled games to take place, leaving the former Levante defender to express his disappointment with the verdict.

“We’re aware of the precautionary measures against the La Liga strike that have been decreed by request [of the National Court],” he said outside the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council.

“We abide by the decision because we operate within the law, but we don’t understand it because we’re talking about an alleged illegality [on the Professional Football League’s (LFP) part].

“We’re now entering a new stage [in proceedings], but the same old problems remain. There will be another judgment on June 17.”

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