‘Rayo-Getafe just another game’

Paco Jemez has played down the significance of Monday’s mini-Madrid derby between Rayo Vallecano and Getafe in La Liga.

Los Vallecas have won six of the last seven matches involving themselves and their local rivals, but the Coach is refusing to take statistics into account as he warned his side against the pitfalls of complacency.

“Getafe are safe because I don’t think anyone below them will catch them on 36 points,” he said at a Press conference.

“In that respect, Getafe won’t have that urgency, but neither do I think they’ll come here unmotivated or believing that all is done.

“We’ll be facing a team who have pride, dignity and want to play well and prove themselves. If we think all is done ourselves, we’ll lose.

“[On Rayo winning six of the last seven derbies], statistics aren’t always right. The fact that we’ve have won six of the last seven doesn’t mean we’re going to win this.

“Getafe aren’t going to give anything away. I’m not in favour of statistics because you can never say what will happen. [Statistics] only reflect the past.

“Looking at the table, we’re the third-best team in Madrid, but in other respects, we’re much higher [than our position suggests].

“I don’t get the same feeling from this derby as Real Betis-Sevilla or Barcelona-Espanyol. For me, it’s just another game and doesn’t have a special meaning.

“I hope the fans turn up on Monday because we need their encouragement and support. They never fail us.”

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