‘Bayern have the best Coach in the world’

Javi Martinez is looking forward to Bayern Munich’s Champions League semi-final with Barcelona and believes Pep Guardiola is ‘the best Coach in the world.’

Former Athletic Bilbao man Martinez returned from injury in Bayern’s weekend defeat to Bayer Leverkusen and it’s speculated he could be one of three centre-backs deployed as Guardiola returns to Camp Nou.

Martinez has spoken to Marca ahead of the match and reflected on Barca’s League battle with Real Madrid, as well as the European encounter, analysing the differences between the title rivals.

“The best thing about Madrid is the average time needed to score a goal,” he pointed out.

“You can’t say Barca have all the best players in the world, because Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben are on that list, but they are the most difficult team.

“They’re able to get the ball back after losing it and that is very important. Barca press more, are more focused defensively and have a killer in Luis Suarez, who is great and contributes a lot.

“It’s difficult to talk about favourites in a Champions League semi-final. Barca are in good form and are getting stronger, but they have Bayern ahead.

“We were favourites going to Porto, and look what happened. But we want to continue making history. I won the Bundesliga three times, the Cup twice, the Champions League and the Club World Cup…but we all want more.

“We’ve got a lot of injuries and there are problems, but we are Bayern and we have the best Coach in the world.”

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