Mono & Cholo: ‘Affinity beyond words’

Atletico Madrid assistant German Burgos has offered an insight into his relationship with Diego Simeone. ‘An affinity beyond words.’

Burgos has worked alongside Cholo for the duration of Simeone’s time at Vicente Calderon, having been teammates for 11 years during their playing days, three years of which came with Atleti.

“I’m much more relaxed [than Simeone]. It’s not a function of a lot of assistants but for me it’s necessary. I can think more calmly,” Burgos said, AS reports.

“When he goes too far I say ‘quiet.’ There are a lot of things a No.2 does that maybe aren’t seen. But they are important as they have advice for the Coach at certain important moments.

“Not just during a game. When you win everything is fine, but a defeat means I have to offer balance.

“We were in the national team for eight years and three at Atletico. He breathes and I look at him. And he does the same towards me. We have an affinity beyond words.

“It’s important to communicate without speaking. He also leaves plenty of room for advice. And that makes the work grow.

“I’m in no hurry to be a Coach. I’m calm. I love what I do. One day…I wouldn’t say no. But so far I am very calm and eager to continue. Next to Cholo and going forward, as we are doing.

“We’re somewhere that tries to be the best. That is our philosophy. You can always compete. You can. But you need to improve your training, your physical condition.

“I was chubby and lost 16kg, and I will keep losing it.”

Mono was also asked about his band, Garb, having given up playing in it, admitting he couldn’t perform both roles.

“It was a lot of fun but when you take the role of an assistant, it’s difficult,” he lamented.

“I had fun. It’s a part of my life I remember fondly.”

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