Enrique: Only Barca results matter

Luis Enrique isn’t thinking about how Barcelona’s title rival, Real Madrid, are doing, insisting the focus is on his team.

Barca have their destiny in their hands, leading the League by two points with four games to go, the Catalans travelling to Cordoba and Madrid at Sevilla in Week 35.

“I’m not going to assess what our rival can or can’t do,” Enrique said, AS reports, when the subject was broached at a Press conference.

“We’re focused on scoring points. If we win every game it doesn’t matter what the others do. Obviously, I’d prefer if those behind us, Madrid in this case, dropped points.

“Cordoba are in a difficult situation. We’ll approach the game as always, not thinking about our opponents’ position.

“We place big obligations on everyone because there are only four games left. This is a key point for the title.

“If we had to wait until we won 6-0 to get confidence then something is wrong. The team has shown since the beginning of the season that we’re a solvent team. Clearly, we’re optimistic.

“There’s a League title at stake. It’s taken many months to achieve this. We’ve been strong all season. We’ll see if we’re better or worse off.

“I would like those who had faith in us from the beginning to enjoy it and those who didn’t, they’re already hoping for the end of the season.

“I’d rather have won the League 15 games ago. It’s not an advantage [the League is yet to be decided] but nor is it a disadvantage.

“I don’t think we’ve gone from low to high. Some games have been more favourable than others. We’ve played well, badly, fair…a normal season.

“I won’t say anything about rotations. You’ll see what team I pick. I’ll do what’s best for the team.”

Enrique was also asked about Dani Alves, Pedro Rodriguez, Luis Suarez and his future, responding to that question with a barbed comment.

“We’ve known Dani for years. His attitude has always been spectacular and still is, and so is his level,” he said of the right-back.

“I’m aware of Pedro’s situation but we must focus on the team and achieve our goals at the end of the season. At the end of the season, we’ll see about everyone.

“Pedro has a high level and has always helped when he’s on the pitch or from off it.

“We’re satisfied with Suarez’s behaviour and his performances. It’s necessary to realise every situation and have self-control and he’s doing it perfectly.

“Will I be here next season? We have an important match in Cordoba, but thanks for the question.”

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