Enrique: Room for improvement

Luis Enrique waxed lyrical about Barcelona’s six goals in the comfortable win over Getafe but hinted there is more to come.

Five of Barca’s half-dozen came in the first 45 minutes but the Coach told reporters that there is still room for improvement.

“When the team is that effective it’s very difficult for any opponent. It was a difficult game but we won it in the first half,” he said, AS reports.

“If we talk about the physical side, that can be improved, as well as the tactical. I don’t remember a match with so many spectacular goals.

“I’ll take the things that lead to that. There is room for improvement, certainly, but with some aspects of the results it’s complicated.

“How do we guarantee we keep this up? This is football. We won’t be overconfident and we still have four games against worthy opponents. We can’t think beyond that. We should be confident.”

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