Suarez denied Chiellini bite to wife

Luis Suarez’s wife has revealed that he denied biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at last year’s World Cup when she asked him about it.

The Barcelona striker was banned from football for four months for the incident but Sofia Balbi, the player’s wife, told ‘Canal 10’ in an extensive interview that at first he refused to admit it had happened.

“He told me he hadn’t done it. That is what he had in his head and even I began to believe it,” said Sofia.

“But the television and radio spoke only about the bite and after 10 days of us being alone he told me the truth.

“On the day of the game I phoned him and asked what he had done. He responded with ‘what?’ The same had happened in England and I insisted: ‘Again?’ He replied: ‘I haven’t done anything. Are you not happy because Uruguay qualified?’

“I was happy they went through but was also sad because I knew what was coming. I didn’t know exactly what would happen but I knew it wouldn’t be good. Things happen and you pay the price.”

Suarez himself also spoke to ‘Canal 10’ about the matter, explaining he did not want to recognise what he had done.

“I didn’t ask for immediate forgiveness as I didn’t want to believe what had happened,” he conceded.

“It took a few days because I didn’t want to believe the reality. I was in Uruguay, having gone there after the World Cup, and people were coming up to my door.

“I appreciated the support but wanted to be supporting my teammates on the pitch. I’d given everything for four years to be there and through my own fault, making one mistake, all that was forgotten.

“How I was treated was a bit cruel. I was treated like a criminal and it hurt,” he maintained.

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