Messi lifts lid on Barca life

Lionel Messi has revealed what life is like within the Barcelona dressing room and told of his closeness to teammate Dani Alves.

In an exclusive interview with Four Four Two magazine, the Argentine also disclosed how the players get on together as a squad.

“Everyone has their own style [in the dressing room]. We are all different but I think I’m just normal in jeans and a t-shirt. We all get on very well,” claimed Messi.

“I’ve always been close to Dani Alves since we shared the right wing when I first got into the Barca first team. We’ve spent many years together, both on and off the pitch, and day-to-day we have a very strong relationship.

“This is also a great help on the field as it means we understand each other’s game very well.

“As a squad we do things socially. It varies as everybody has their own time away from the pitch to spend with their families.

“We all have different obligations and many of us have children who we pick up from school, or go to bed early – anything to do with your kids always takes time.”

Messi went on to talk about the training routine at the club and what it entails on a daily basis.

“We all arrive an hour before training starts. We have breakfast together then everyone goes about their business before the football starts.

“Some go into the gym for half an hour to prepare themselves and others will see the physio for a stretch, especially if they have a small injury or complaint.

“There’s a group of us who drink ‘mate’ [a traditional South American tea] together before training starts. Sometimes I’ll go for a wander around the training ground or sit in the dressing room.

“It depends on each day, although the ‘mate’ and having a chat with my teammates I do every day. It’s not necessarily about wanting a routine, it’s just what we do.

“We arrive, have a drink and a chat. There’s no reason, it’s just what we’ve always done,” he explained.

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